Customer Reviews

Letter to customers

Hello customers,

We're very glad that out of thousands of different templates you chose ours. This inspires further product development, more than sales profit. Thank you!

So it turns out that different developers have different visions on the approaches to development and the architecture of the application, and as a result some developers may have bad experience in using our templates. Don't rush to give a subjective bad 1 star rating, try to figure out why we decided to make a part of the application one way or another. Or try to get support (you can do it in several ways, via email, comment section, and also through the gitter).

If you still not satisfied with our template, you can always ask for a refund. For that please write to [email protected]

One negative feedback covers 10-20 positive ones, and this is very worrying for us, as we invest a lot of effort and time to cover the needs of all customers. Review rating is a very important both for us (it motivates to develop new features), and for the future customers.

And if you are satisfied with our products, please leave a good review on the links below, it will not cost you anything, and you will make us a great pleasure!

Sincerely, Nick Tabolich, CEO Mdtk Soft, LLC