Structure Overview

Structure Overview

Building Your App from Prebuilt Files

  • Copy necessary html code to your app from dist/versions/*

  • Add third-party plugin files to your app from dist/vendors/*

  • Import styles to your app from dist/components/**/*.css

  • Add necessary component js to your app from dist/components/**/*.js

Required styles


Entry Point





Layouts Management

Build From Sources Instruction

See Getting Started section to run development server

  • Add or remove version files in /src/versions

  • Add or remove pages in /src/pages

  • Add your components in /src/components/{anyfolder}

  • Import your components to pages @@include('src/components/{anyfolder}/list.html')

  • Import you styles to src/versions/head.html

  • Run gulp build task

Build task will make the build into dist folder. The compiler will go through the src/pages folder, wrap the internal files with each src/versions file, then @@include all components into the pages.

Files Tree

├─ dist/ .. prebuilt app files by gulp after "gulp" run
│ ├─ components/ .. component files
│ ├─ vendors/ .. vendors files
│ └─ versions/ .. versions files (layout variations)
├─ node_modules/ .. node.js modules installed after "npm install" run
├─ src/ .. source files
│ ├─ components/ .. components files
│ ├─ pages/ .. page files
│ ├─ vendors/ .. vendors files installed by bower after "bower install" run
│ └─ versions/ .. layout files (wrappers)
├─ * .. system npm, gulp, and git files
└─ .. git readme file