Structure Overview

Components Overview

Template contains next component files and folders:




KIT mixins.scss, core, utils, measurement styles, etc


KIT third-party plugin styles


KIT demo widgets (general, charts, etc...)


Template layout components (Menu, Topbar, etc...)


Template styles & mixins


Shared mixins.scss files

Layouts Management

Best Practices

Building Your App

There are some tips for creating an architecture for your application:

  • Copy the KIT widget to the components/{app} folder and rename the widget as you need it

  • Place your layout components (such as Menu, Footer, ...) to components/{layout}

  • Import the shared mixins file components/mixins.scs into your new components

  • Import the new widget to any place in your project

It is recommended not to edit the kit/core and kit/vendors folders, this will prevent problems when updating widgets and applications from future releases.

Instead, redefine the mixins variables in the shared mixins.scss file or import the redefined styles into global.scss

├─ app // your components folder, name it as you want
│ ├─ Userlist
│ └─ BudgetChart
├─ layout // your layout components folder, name it as you want
│ ├─ Topbar
│ └─ Menu
├─ {templateName} // Folder with Template components
├─ kit // KIT folder with core & vendors styles and demo widgets
└─ mixins.scss // Shared mixins.scss
├─ dashboard // page with imports from "components" folder
└─ profile // page with imports from "components" folder